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wrote on June 14, 2018 at 4:04 am:
There were 12 US presidents who had slaves. By the standards of our time this is wrong. By the standards of their time it was considered to be normal in most of the southern states. This is part of history. It does nothing to negate the fact that these presidents served in that office and did the job of our president. To villify these presidents for engaging in an accepted practice of their time seems inappropriate without knowing how these slaves were treated. To say a school named after a certain president reflects that he is a bad person for engaging in a practice that was, unfortunately, accepted during their time. I attended Monroe during the time of many race riots and the assassination of Martin Luther King. There were even race riots in St. Paul. It was announced over the PA while I was in typing class that King had been killed. The school was not practicing racist activities and I don't believe they ever have. Monroe hasn't changed because someone realized that President Monroe had slaves.