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wrote on June 12, 2018 at 8:09 pm:
One of the most overlooked benefits to our freedom of speech is it ability to open our eyes, allowing us a glimpse into the minds and hearts around us. Signs posted on the grounds of our Monroe School declaring all are welcome here are a perfect example of this point. For implicit in that declaration is the concept on non inclusion. It is a glimpse of the mind set and heart of an administration promoting such postings. It demonstrates a community disconnect and ignorance of fact that is deeply hurtful and a slap in the face to the very organizations and citizens of the west-end who for many generations have, in fact, advocated for inclusiveness and demonstrated such with support, time, money and neighborly love. Pick up and look through decades and decades of Monroe Doctrine year books for example and dare to deny the truth of this claim. Go ask the hundreds of struggling parents to whom the anonymous West-End Boys Club played a role in the lives of their children. Go tell Josephs Coats on West 7th street that our community is some how non inclusive as implicit in the Monroe signage. Go do all those things that the school administration, PTO and the school board ought to do instead of demonstrating a lack of knowledge which induces a false narrative in the minds of vulnerable children. Our Monroe Community deserves a fair and honest representation in the young minds who come here to learn. Perhaps some day they will live here and together grow with us or take with them where ever they may go, the true heart and soul that is the Monroe Community. That is to say a community where all are welcome signs have never been needed. It's just understood. Jeff Tressler, Monroe Class of 1968