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wrote on June 6, 2018 at 10:56 pm:
Although no longer a community school, Monroe is a school supported by a community. Rarely can an individual walk into a local restaurant, bar or other established business in our West End Community without confronting photo's, clothing paraphernalia and all sorts of mementos proudly displayed in every nook, cranny, hallway or wall. At barbecue's, booya's and numerous neighborhood gatherings, Monroe school eventually pops-up in conversation. There is this thread woven through time and by tradition, forming a strong fabric into which the Monroe school is deeply meshed. for generations it has been the heart of our west-end community. We desire nothing more than to see that thread continue weaving and growing our community fabric. We should openly welcome all new individuals, ideas and concepts to further that continued growth. This does not mean we chip away at the fabric already woven and ripping out the heart only to leave the fabric to wither and die. Loss of part of the whole renders a concept useless like the proverbial lost sock from the cloths drier. One is no good without the other. Community without roots, a center or support, in other words a heart, will be rendered useless and ineffective. Think about other communities where this has happened then weep or stand up and support what we all love about the soul of our west-end and keep its beating hear intact. BTW (by-the-way) those lost socks are never ever retrieved !